Hi, I’m back at work and really grateful for the osteoporosis ‘wake-up” call from the hip that broke Sept 1.

.The Physical Therapist’s and whole staff at Pine Ridge Rehab are so caring and knowledgeable.  Dana at Mercy Home Health came to my home 3 times a week and I still do the exercises she taught me. Nathan at InBalance PT has helped me realize the importance of both bodywork and exercises to strengthen and align my body.  I’m in better shape now (even with 3 pins holding it all together) than I was before the fall.  More stable on icy surfaces with good alignment and core strength. My  friends and family have really helped so much. The synchronicity and generosity have been transformative.  

I’m in the process of re-doing my website.  The doodle is part of my recovery–I do one every night before bed.  This is one of my favorites.  I call it The Caravan.  Moving smoothly through challenges.

I am working with the Artist’s Way group on Fridays.  ( I used to call my work “The Artist’s Touch”)  The 3 pages of writing every morning really help me move through artistic  confidence blocks– although not necessarily with computer issues. (I got help at the library and from Bill Hudson for this update)

What I have loved doing with confidence for 37 years now is what I call Energy Massage. I focus on where the energy is blocked–hands on and with the field.  Clients choose whether they want to include oil and some Swedish (not deep tissue) Massage.  I’ve studied years of Acupressure, Cranio-Sacral, NST–Neuro-Structural Technique and many other modalities.  

I’m happy to give you a free sample to see if you resonate with this work.  Working from my home makes that easy for me to do. I’m right across from Town Park. I  am very grateful I’d already moved from the Adobe Building and feel compassion for all the therapist sand businesses that have suffered from the fire.

 Please call or text me at 970-903-8884.  Email is annaoreilly6@gmail.com    Thanks,  Anna




pagosa springs energy massage


Energy Massage $1 per minute. 20 minutes minimum. (Example: 45 minute energy massage = $45)

My energy massages typically include hands-on work, clearing dense compensations and pain from accidents, surgery, emotional stress, etc. Sensing the craniosacral rhythms and acupressure points helps me see where the energy is blocked and how to get it moving more freely.

My work with the field/aura enhances awareness and well being.  Axiatonal lines are followed, improving structural alignment and expanding awareness.

My hands get hot as receptive clients release energy blocks. Many people experience waves of light and tingling as the energy flows. Letting go can be effortless and enjoyable. Sounds of singing bowls, chimes and toning for clients who are open to them may  heighten the frequencies and bring imbalances to awareness.

Each session varies… and feedback, questions and comments are welcome. Sessions are done with clothing on or off.  I use pure  organic jojoba oil. All massage and body-work includes  awareness and  energy work.


Find out how much better you can feel with just 30 minutes of focused awareness and the touch of warm intuitive hands.

Call 970-903-8884 for appointment.  I now work at my home office near Town Park, an lovely short walk from Healing Waters Spa  and The Springs Resort.  If you prefer to swim at the Healing Waters before and after your session you can request a massage from me at the desk.  I’m on-call there.  970-264-5910
Email: annaoreilly6@gmail.com