Massage Testimonials

Anna is a master at structural and energetic alignment. I came to my appointment with significant right knee and low back pain. Her gentle movements relieved the spasm and I walked out nearly pain free.

— Pam Kircher, Pagosa Springs, CO

Anna has an amazing ability to sense your muscle problems and know where her energy needs to be concentrated for best results.

— Carole Howard, Pagosa Springs, CO

One thing I feel I get from my sessions with Anna is just feeling so amazingly good and free, flowing and easy and
light. Sometimes I come away completely relaxed, other times invigorated. I don’t know the right words to convey the exact feelings, except that they are very positive, even when I am already feeling good or am unaware of any blocks.

— Yuko Munakata, Boulder, CO

Just recently, I was lucky enough to be able to partake of Anna O’Reilly’s body work. All the years I’ve been here, I had not been to her before, but I have to say, I will go back.

She is skilled in several modalities, as well as regular massage. The whole session was relaxing and peaceful, and I came out of there feeling as though I’d had a regular massage. I loved the pressure points she worked on, the toning and all the sound and vibration work she did over my body. Her hands did, indeed, become very warm as she worked on me, and they felt very good. I felt I was in a different place and time — perhaps the future, where everyone knows the healing properties of sound, vibration, and all the modalities that are looked upon as “woo-woo” these days. They were not “woo-woo” at all — they were healing and it was something I look forward to partaking of again, soon.

Thanks, Anna, you truly do have healing hands.

— Cyndi Mitchell, Pagosa Springs, CO

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